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Sunday, January 5

berry baskets, Goodwill vases, washi tape. go!

Yep, I'm still baking for the holidays.  But isn't it fun to receive goodies after the onslaught?  Unless your resolution is to lose weight.  

I am a firm believer that it's all about the packaging (particularly when you're a little weak in the culinary category), and there's nothing more fun than repurposed packaging.  This post was brought to you by berry baskets (not nearly as nice as my friend's wooden ones, but they'll do), a $1 Goodwill vase, and some ridiculously overpriced tape (otherwise known as "washi.")

truffles and chocolate chip cookies,
don't tell my colleagues!

more baker's twine,
more baker's twine,
still more baker's twine

Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 21

clipboards, rusty hinges, copper plate, nautical maps. oh my.

So I am gifting photos this year, because my son is adorable. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that my original big idea was to buy a frame at Target and put some pretty paper over the mat and call it a day.  WHO AM I?  Fail.  So I went to my new favorite blog for inspiration and found this project, among other fabulous ideas.  Check this blog out, you'll love it.  

Then I went to one of the coolest stores on earth, The Trading Post.  Not only do they have the best stuff at the best prices, but they are so nice to my 4 1/2 year old, and they get me.  They promptly responded to my emergency email requesting rusty hinges. That kind of getting me.  Check out these treasures:

Sadly, I had already blown through my small clipboard collection, and looked in vain for new old ones.  In desperation, I bought brand news ones from Staples.  I know, I know.  More fail.  Even my husband was a little horrified.  

Then, in a true left brain/right brain collaborative effort, I combined a trip to the Greenfield Housing Court (day job) with a trip to another one the coolest places on earth, Loot.  If you haven't been, go.  Run, don't walk.  And go a lot, because they keep getting new stuff in.  I let the creative spirit wash over me and made some purchases:

I know, it looks pornographic, but it's not

And these are the two beauties that transpired.

yes, those are penguins on those jammies

cousin love in the corn maze

nautical map, Goodwill

cute boy on Pop Pop's boat

rolodex retro

Remember Rolodexes?  I do.  That's because I still have one on my desk.  Call me a Luddite, I don't care.  I recently had a custom order for a yardstick Rolodex box.  Brilliant.  Photos to come with the actual cards in it, but for now, look how cute! 

Sunday, December 15

a star for Gus

Gus wanted a star for the top of the tree, so a star he got. The repurposing could not have been any simpler.  The project may seem intuitive, but I don't think I could have done it without this tutorial.

baker's twine makes everything better
alongside a homemade felt cardinal
and my attempt at a pipe cleaner wreath

Saturday, December 14

reclaimed crafts in the Valley Advocate

Thank you, Valley Advocate, for the shout out in this year's gift guide.  The Advocate fell in love with our repurposed tennis racquet presses, featured at the always awesome 
sticks and bricks.  You might remember when racquet presses were used by this guy.

They are still beautiful, but no longer needed in their original capacity.  Add some vintage yardsticks, and they become trays or plant stands.

Or, add some cork and make a great corkboard.

Drop on by sticks and bricks and shop locally, or email us at for a custom order.